Earthway’s commercial series of spreaders are all designed for years of trouble free
use. Features include 13” knobby pneumatic tires that roll on a stainless steel axle.
This series also includes an adjustable height “T” type handle with cushions grips as
well as positive linkage control. The stainless steel cross brace adds stability to insure
the spreader stays in square. All these components sit on our exclusive Diamond
Chassis that provides the stability that today’s professional operators look for.

ew_spreader 2170/100lb Capacity
Three hole drop style is great for
fertilizer, pelletized lime,
grass seed and man made ice melt
ew_spreader_opening ew_spreader_2 ew_spread_pattern

2130/65lb Capacity
Designed to keep material from binding up in the output ports.
Perfect for rock salt and seed mulches
Covers and deflectors available for both models