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I would like to thank you for introducing the Northampton Business Improvement District to Eco Salt. … More
Dan Yacuzzo
Executive Director
Northampton Business Improvement District

I find BIOMELT & ECOSALT work superior than any other products I have used. More
James A. Larose
Retired head of Grounds & Services
Univ.of Mass, Amherst, Ma.
Snow Contractor

APWA’s Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award
Attributed to GeomeltĀ®

Way to go Mohawk Science!

OrganicDeicing.com Racing

J. J. Stanisewski & Sons, Inc. is a family owned & operated business. Established in 1954 we are now in our 3rd & 4th generation. For over 57 years we have maintained our presence as a premier ice and snow specialist in western Massachusetts.

In addition to providing complete snow removal, sanding & sweeping service to Northampton area businesses & institutions we are proud to offer environmentally friendly, ORGANIC & ORGANICALLY TREATED GEOMELT DEICING products and SALTDOGG SANDERS & SPREADERS.

We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction. Our customers, some who have been with us for 50 years, remain our number one priority. We built our business on the referrals of satisfied customers who trust us to provide reliable and honest service at a fair price.

We look forward to serving you and are extremely proud to be offering green organic Geomelt deicing products.
We can be reached by phone @ 413-584-4268, 413-584-8303, 413-774-5214 or email info@organicdeicing.com

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Cost Comparison Calculator

Input the price you are quoted by us in the Geomelt®55 Price per gallon field. And put the competitor's quoted price per gallon in the Competitor's Price per gallon field. Then adjust the gallons required (req'd) to treat a ton and % solids selection menus for the competitors specs respectively to get an accurate cost comparison.

Treatment Cost per Ton

Ours$(price per gallon)  X  6(gallons req'd to treat a ton)  =  $0.00 (to treat ton)

compared to

Theirs$(price per gallon)  X  (gallons req'd to treat a ton)  =  $0.00 (to treat ton)

% Solids

Ours$0.00(price per gallon)  / (divided by)  55% Solids  =  $0.00(per % solids)

compared to

Theirs$0.00(price per gallon)  / (divided by)  % Solids  =  $0.00(per % solids)